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Where are Foxwood Wine Cabinets made?

Foxwood Wine Cabinets are designed and built in the United States.

What is the operating temperature of a Foxwood Wine Cabinet?

Foxwood Wine Cabinets have adjustable temperature settings, and are designed around cellaring temperature, which is 55° F or higher. They can also be set to temperatures below 55° F. However, exact performance will vary under different operating conditions.

Will light from the LEDs or sunlight affect our wine?

Foxwood Wine Cabinets use low-heat LED lights that will not affect your wine. We use high quality, Low-E coated glass to minimize UV impact, as well as argon-filled insulated panels for maximum insulation value. However, we recommend that you do not place your cabinet in direct sunlight.

Can Foxwood Wine Cabinets be built into a wall of cabinetry?

Yes. Foxwood Wine Cabinets are designed as stand-alone units with 6 inches minimum of clear airflow above the cabinet. They can be built into adjacent millwork for custom installations.  Please call us to discuss details.

Is a water drain required?

No. Foxwood Wine Cabinets come with a condensate evaporator included.

Are the lights dimmable?

Yes. Cabinet lights are dimmable, using the included remote control.

Can we custom color match the metal or wood?

Yes. Our standard products are available with the metal and wood options listed. However, custom-ordered cabinets can be provided, either unfinished or with your choice of finish. Cost and lead time are both increased for custom cabinet orders. Contact us for more information.

Is there a price reduction if we buy multiple cabinets?

Yes.  All multiple cabinet orders will receive some volume discount.  Please contact us for details.


I already have a design, can you build it?

Yes we can. We can build from designs, CAD models and shop drawings. Otherwise we can take your design input and concept images and come up with a design package for you. Contact us for more information.

What type of cooling systems do you use?

Foxwood Wine Cabinets use self-contained, ducted, and split cooling systems. Air-to-air or water-cooled options are available.  We specialize in designing refrigeration systems that manage heat and noise, while optimizing system performance and overall efficiency.

We are working with a historic structure and are limited to the changes we can make. Can you help us understand our options?

Absolutely. We have experience working in historic buildings and can propose custom designs that are minimally-invasive and will complement the existing decor or design elements in your space.

How can we be sure the installation and handoff goes smoothly?

We travel nationally for all of our commercial installations. We perform startup and testing for all installations. We also make instructional videos covering your specific installation, for future hospitality managers and maintenance operations.

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