Wine Cabinets

For Luxury Hotels and Restaurants

Fine Wine Storage and Display

Foxwood Wine Cabinets provide turn-key refrigerated wine storage systems built to your custom design and engineering specifications. Contact Foxwood to see how we can help you with your commercial hospitality project.

As seen in luxury hotels such as


Build From Your Print or Collaborate on Design

Foxwood is flexible in how we work with Designers and Builders. Let us know how to best work with you.

Engineering Excellence in Refrigeration

Foxwood works with your team to select the best size, location and type of cooling system for your application. Foxwood designs in self-contained, split, ducted and water-cooled systems to provide you with the best overall engineering solution for your project.

Custom Materials and Finishes

Foxwood offers a very wide range of wood and metal materials and finishes to match your custom build-out. We coordinate with your other suppliers to seamlessly integrate into your overall project.

National and International Installation

Foxwood is experienced with shipping and installing oversized wine cabinets in tight locations. We also understand the importance of integrating with other trades to get your project completed on schedule and budget.

Highest Quality Materials

Foxwood uses top grade UL certified components and LowE, Argon filled insulated & tempered glass panel units for your wine cabinets. Rest assured you are getting the highest quality cabinets available.

Startup Training and Service

Foxwood is experienced in making on-site training videos for startup, testing, service and training. With this information, your Hospitality and Engineering staff can safely and confidently operate and maintain the wine cabinets with maximum efficiency. Of course, we are here to support you as required.

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