Wine Cabinets

Quality and beauty found in boutique hotels. Now available for elegant homes like yours.

Double Cherry Black/Brown
Double Cherry Black/Brown

Design and Quality

Design and Quality of a Boutique Hotel perfected for your home. We offer the versatility of various finishes and trim colors to match the colors and finishes in your home. Use our configurator to preview renderings of all the different combinations.

Metal Color
* Patented Design


Perfect for Condo or Loft Spaces

Foxwood Wine Cabinets bring quiet, elegant wine display to your home dining or entertainment areas.

Shallow Depth

Foxwood Wine Cabinets are less than 20 inches deep. This makes them uniquely sized to fit easily into dining rooms and hallways.

Minimal Footprint

Our shallow-depth cabinet design provides maximum storage and display with a minimal footprint

Quiet Cooling

Our self-contained cooling unit is small and quiet, making our cabinets suitable for dining and entertainment areas.

Superior Materials

Made with solid woods and high-quality metal finishes, our cabinets are customizable to compliment almost any style.

Adjustable Racks & Shelves

Wine racks and display shelves can be repositioned to suit your changing needs. No other wine cabinet on the market provides this level of flexibility.

Beautifully Crafted

Foxwood Wine Cabinets stand beautifully on their own, or can be built into your custom design. Either way, the superior quality and design of a Foxwood Wine Cabinet will make your fine wine collection a stunning feature of your home.

Foxwood has been delivering fine wine storage and display since 2006

Now Foxwood Wine Cellars quality is available for smaller spaces in Foxwood Wine Cabinets.

Case Studies

Wine storage & display for urban luxury condo
Best use of minimal footprint
Visible from 3 sides
Match or compliment existing finishes
Single cabinet
Maple and clear anodized finishes match kitchen
Shallow depth: 19-1/2"D x 27"W x 90"H
Bottle count max: 165
Convert dining room to wine cellar
Maximum bottle count
Define dining & living spaces with wall of see thru wine cabinets
Allow for easy moving of wine cellar when relocating
7 wine cabinets on 2 walls
Use of glass to see between dining and living spaces
Bottle count max: 1,155
Materials: Walnut and Black/Brown anodize compliment dining room finishes
Non-permanent installation allows for easy relocation
Add wine storage to open loft space
Must have elegant lighting and display
High quality materials to match luxury furnishings
Bank of 6 wine display cabinets up to 990 bottles
Shelf configuration for decanter display
Cherry wood and clear anodized metal compliment existing finishes
Integrated LED lighting emphasize display and add design element to open loft space
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